The School follows the curriculum evolved by the Central Board of Secondary Education followed in India and many countries in Asia.The syllabus is constantly evolving and is hailed as one of the best among the School programs world wide.English literary club has conducted various competitions and activities to improve skills in listening,speaking, reading and writing. The different competition

As far as the learning strategies are concerned ‘Learning by doing’ is the principle which forms the basis of the new education policy, the main thrust being on adopting a learner- centered one so that the learners are better equipped to face life outside the protective walls of the institution and the learning becomes more useful and meaningful.

Our Curriculum

Sets clear learning objectives in English, Mathematics and Science for each year of primary education. Focuses on developing knowledge and skills in core subjects which form an excellent foundation for future study focuses on learners’ development in each year.

  • Provides a Natural Progression through out the years of primary education.
  • Is compatible with other curriculum, internationally relevant and sensitive to different needs and cultures.
  • Gives you optional routes to use sections that suit your learners’ needs . Provides schools with international bench marks.


  • Unparalleled Quality Education
  • World Class Curriculum
  • State – Of – The – Art Infrastructure
  • Non – Toxic Teaching / Learning Material
  • Effective Soft Skills Programme
  • Child Initiated Learning Methodology
  • Technology Based Learning
  • Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation.
  • CCTV Monitoring.
  • Well trained staff.
  • Theme based tablon panel.
  • Monthly Events / Celebrations / Competitions
  • A Platform to the young buddies to blossom tomorrow with flying colors of achievement in all the choosen area of excellence with respect to the global community.
  • Curriculum on par with international standards.
  • Student friendly activity – oriented approach.
  • Problem-Solving, Analytical abilities and activities .
  • Abacus to develop mental arithmetic capabilities of the child.
  • Interactive video conference sessions for extempore building.
  • 1 : 15 teacher student ratio for subjects like Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry 1 + 1 academic sessions to ensure every teaching period is followed by a working period for core subjects
  • Common Micro Schedule, Common Teaching, Common Examination, Common Result Analysis are the four pillars of our academic programme
  • CDF Exam to strengthen the Concepts, Definitions and Formulae.
  • Error Rectification session to rectify the Mistakes made in weekly tests
  • Soft Skill training under well experienced mentors
  • Viva based term wise projects to develop co-ordination capability, team work and presentation skills
  • Life Skill Development Programme (LSDP) through Personality Development Activities.