About Jeeva Memorial Senior Secondary School

The School offers education under CBSE pattern.The School offers co-education from Pre. K.G. to X Std.Love, sharing and caring are the keynotes of the relationships in the School. Therefore, the School is a home where each one lives for the other and all of them live for God.The integral items inter linked with the School curriculum.

Comfortable staff rooms, a language lab, a computer lab, dance room, art room and an audio visual room, all contribute to enhance the learning experience and life during vital years of their growth.The class rooms for the kindergarten children are fully equipped with a wide array of materials that facilitate a play way learning and another fun filled day, right in the School.

JMPS also provides the safest environment for your child during the day so that you can rest assured with the guarantee that your child will never be away from the watchful eyes of our trained support staff or teachers.The lawns, the play area and the construction have all been designed keeping in mind the comfort and safety of your child.The School has an impressive computer lab designed for very young learners in a playful ambience.